David Barclay
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Current Graduate Students (graduated):

Najeem Shajahan (PhD)
Thesis topic: (working title) Ambient noise measurements and modelling
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Bruce Martin (PhD)
Thesis topic: (working title) Temporal and spatial variability of seismic air-gun pulses and their impact on the underwater soundscape.
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Dugald Thompson (PhD)
Thesis topic: (working title) Predictive probability of detection for marine mammal habitat characterization.
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Meghan Troup (MSc)
Thesis topic: (working title) Bathymetric surveying with an autonomous hovercraft.

Maxime Miron-Morin (MSc)
Thesis topic: (working title) Multistatic sonar noise mitigation

Anne Lombardi (MSc, 2016) co-advised with Dr. Alex Hay
Thesis topic: Soundscape characterization in a dynamic acoustic environment: Grand Passage, Nova Scotia, a planned in-stream tidal energy site

Undergraduate Students:

Calder Robinson (undergraduate research assistant, 2017)
Research topic: Underway sea-surface roughness measurement system

Matthew Auvinen (Honours, Oceanography, 2016-17, undergraduate research assistant, 2017)
Thesis: Performance of a low-frequency high-flow acoustic sensing array for turbulent ocean conditions

Faisel Fahad Aldenaini, Sebastien Boivin, Mohammed Alhamoud (Honours, ECE, 2016-17)
Research topic: Navigation and control system for an autonomous hovercraft.

Leo Vinour (ENSTA , 2016)
Research topic: Design of acoustic array housing for a high flow environment.

Liang Bao (Co-op, Engineering, 2016)
Research topic: Design of acoustic array housing for a high flow environment.

Shannon Steele (undergraduate research assistant, 2016)
Research topic: Modelling an array of tidal turbines in the Minas Passage.

Danielle Moore (Co-op, Bio, 2015)
Research topic: Modelling the effect of oceanographic variability on fish tag detections along the Halifax line.

Brian Little and Eric Hamilton (Honours, ECE, 2015)
Research topic: GPS and inertial measurement unit navigation of an underwater vertical profiler.

Nick Hansen, Andrew Noujaim and Duc Cuong Dinh (Honours, ECE, 2015-16)
Research topic: Line array source optimization for underwater music fidelity in a pool.

Research Associates and Technicians:

Richard Cheel