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Winter 2016/2018/2019

OCEA 4311/5311 & PHYC 4311/5311

Fluid Dynamics I
An introduction to the theory of fluid dynamics, with some emphasis on geophysically important aspects. Contents: tensor mathematics, flow kinematics, equations of motion, viscous flow, potential flow, convection, turbulence, and basic aerodynamics. Occasional reference will be made to current research topics, especially those in Physical Oceanography.


Description: Term Project

Fall 2016/2018/2020/2022

OCEA 4250/5250

Acoustical Oceanography
This course covers the basic theory of acoustics in fluids, sound propagation and scattering in the ocean environment, and the applications to acoustic remote sensing of the ocean interior and seabed. Topics include: normal modes; ray theory; ambient noise, scattering from particles, bubbles and biota; sonar theory and operation; and acoustic inversions.


Description: Term Project

CTD data for Assignment 1
Sound Speed from Del Gross eq'n for Assignment 1

Notes and assignments available - email for dropbox access.

Fall 2022/Winter 2023

OCEA 2020 & 2021

Tools and Concepts in Oceanography
Students gain practical insights into oceanographic concepts introduced in OCEA 2001 & 2002 – The Blue Planet I & II by performing lab activities. Labs in 2020 focus on navigation and position, instruments and calibration, ocean optics and acoustics, water movement, and basic marine chemistry. In 2021 labs focus on particle dynamics and life in the ocean. Labs involve data acquisition and analyses to develop quantitative skills. Students will become familiar with the 'R' programming language.